Gua Kiskenda

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kiskenda Goa is a large cave in which is shaped like a castle. Goa is home Kiskenda Maesasura and Lembusura, two sisters creature, animal-headed human body 
who have extraordinary supernatural powers. Goa People Kiskenda an assortment of vicious animals. Maesasura and Lembusura led the kingdom with arbitrary. Supernatural powers they possess extraordinary powerful. 

One time they came to the heaven filed his desire to marry his daughter Tara Indra Bathara. Biadad attitudes that lead to anger the gods. The gods immediately rejected the 
such applications. The two brothers could not accept rejection. They then raging to the heaven. 
Thousands of soldiers were deployed to attack biantang heaven. Because the miracle are both very powerful, 
none of the gods who can beat Maesasura and Lembusura. 

In such circumstances, Bathara Teachers looking for ways to quell wadyabala Kiskenda Goa. There is only one
way is to use his supernatural powers kadewatan almighty beat them separately. Magic was called aji Pancasona. But who can accept that he must be noble and a holy man
capable of controlling all his lust so all-powerful magic is not used arbitrarily.

The gods agreed to submit it to the magic Subali Resi Gotama's son who was imprisoned in Suryapringga. For years they meditated lethal whole body and focus all their radiance to the Creator. Their purpose is only one begging forgiveness of the gods for all the deeds they've done. There was silence becomes vibrant when accompanied by Bathara Bathara Guru Narada and the gods down to marcapada meet them. Subali and Sugriva soon roused from his hermitage. And the king said to the gods that their request would be granted on condition that they must crush the first insolence which now dwells in the body and Lembusura Maesasura. Subali and Sugriva willing. And before they set out in particular, confers Master Bathara aji Pancasona to Subali Subali can use it with the hope for peace in nature.

With sincerity, Subali and went to Goa Kiskenda Sugriva. At the mouth of the cave, Subali message to
brother to be vigilant and ready just in case. If the blood red liquid out, then it can
ascertained that the enemy had vanished from this earth. But in case of a pool of white blood
flowing out of the cave, then Sugriwa should immediately close the door of the cave. After Sugriwa undertakes, Subali
confront directly into Maesasura and Lembusura.

The battle between the powerful creatures that can not be circumvented. The walls seemed to cave to collapse withstand the onslaught of supernatural powers from both sides. And only thanks to the magic spell that has Pancasona Subali,
Maesasura and Lembusura be destroyed. Both are pitted head so shattered. The brain of
Maesasura and Lembusura fall apart so that melted out of the cave. From outside the cave, Sugriva menantidengan anxiously. And how heartbroken Sugriwa to learn that the liquid flowing red and white. This means Subali died with his enemies. Frantically Sugriwa exert all his strength and destroy the cave door so the door closed Kiskenda cave. With grief, Sugriva immediately report this to the heaven.

The situation became excited when the gods know the news of the death Maesasura and Lembusura. But the situation was turned into sorrow when I learned Subali also died in the fighting. Sugriva have
report was then awarded the prize to marry Tara. Shortly after the marriage
Subali it suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd. Subali rampage and consider Sugriva had betrayed him. Sugriva who have not had time to explain the surprise nothing was immediately struck by Subali. Subali supernatural powers which are far above Sugriwa make Sugriwa more helpless. Bathara Master came to intervene and sit down at length to explain the actual case.

Subali sorry to hear about it and sadly apologized to his brother. Sugriva great love to his brother made him accept all that has happened. Finally Subali already berdharma as a Brahmin, give cave Kiskenda and Tara to Sugriva. Sugriva then build the kingdom of monkeys, named Pancawati, while continuing Subali bratanya tapa.

Kiskenda cave is located in the Village District Sebolong Girimulyo Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta, a few miles of my hermitage. Stalagnit ornament stalactite in the cave and the story describes the Maesa-Ox Suro Suro until the collapse of the empire Kiskendo cave.

Inside the cave there are several Ksikendo the hermitage, hermitage ledhek one of them, who often used the candidates sinden and imprisoned mastermind in order to obtain a successful career, about the result of natural wallahu bisawab ...

Cave Story Kiskenda another version that I heard, on his deathbed gives aji pancasona Subali intends to Sugriva. However, because of suspicion and disbelief Sugriwa not want to draw closer to Subali although his condition was dying. In the story, still has the properties described Subali cunning. Long story short Pancasona Aji finally fell into the hands of King Alengka king Ravana.


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