andhe-andhe lumut

Monday, April 18, 2011

As with Sruntul, Ande-ande Lumut can be classified into the type of dance drama, for in bringing stories of the players do with dance.
The function of Ande-ande Lumut staging is mostly is to accompany the release event vow.
Nevertheless there is also a staged spectacle just as ordinary entertainment.
The play that can be played in this art is the Panji stories are taken only from the story series Ande-ande Lumut only.
To perform a complete show takes supporters as much as ± 39 people, ie 25 people to become players, 12 people became gamelan, and 2 into waranggana.

In a group art Ande-ande Lumut is the players sometimes consist of men and women, but there are also all men, so the role women played by men.
Dialogue in the performance delivered by the monotonous rhythm as in Langen Mondro Wanoro or Yogyakarta wayang style, while the musical instruments used were a complete Javanese gamelan pelog and slendro, or slendro only.
Costumes used in this performance as in the puppet people, but the crown is worn by different players, and make-up used is also a realist.
Ande-ande Lumut performances are usually done at night for approximately 6 hours with pre-event spectacle of dances that have nothing to do with the main story which will be staged.
Once staging Ande-ande Lumut much done in the arena pendapan using lighting equipment in the form of oil lamps.

Now staging this show already begun to do on stage by using lamps pumped.


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