Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ondel-ondel is to show people that there are already many centuries in Jakarta and surrounding areas, who today became the Betawi. Although the performances of such people there are in some other places like in Priangan known as Badawang, in Cirebon called Barongan Beans and in Bali called Barong Landung, but ondel-ondel have distinct characteristics. Ondel-ondel classified as a form of theater without a speech, because it was originally used as a personification of the ancestor or ancestors, safety shields and everything in the village. Thus it can be considered as carriers of the play or story, as well as "bekakak" in the ceremony of "cutting bekakak" limestone hill south of Yogyakarta city, which was held in Sapar every year.
Ondel-ondel large doll-shaped bamboo frame with a size of approximately 2.5 M, the height and diameter of less than 80 cm. Created in such a way for pemikulnya therein to move somewhat freely. Her hair is made from fibers, "bump" the Betawi people. Shaped face mask or a mask, with eye round (round) widened.
Ondel-ondel depicting men painted their faces red, depicting a white or yellow-faced women. Ondel-ondel is usually used to enliven the procession, like a bride parading circumcision and so forth. Normally just brought a pair, male and female. But these days depending on the request of the owner of urination. Even in public celebrations like birthdays anniversary of Jakarta, also brought a few pairs of plain, so that the procession itself is quite lively.
Musical accompaniment ondel-ondel not certain, depending on each group. There are accompanied Tanjidor, such as group leaders Gejen ondel-ondel, Setu village. There are accompanied by martial drum troupe Betawi as "Banyan Way" leadership Duloh (late), now leader Yasin, from Rawasari. There is also accompanied by Bende, "Kemes", Ningnong and Rebana Ketimpring, such as group leaders Lamoh ondel-ondel, Kalideres
In addition to enliven the parade in the past also held a regular tour, "Ngamen". Especially on New Year's celebrations, both AD and Lunar. Goals in the New Year celebration AD Menteng area, which many people occupied the main Kristen.Pendukung ondel-ondel peasant art which includes "abangan", especially those located in the suburbs of Jakarta and surrounding areas.
Making ondel-ondel conducted in an orderly, well time to form unmasked as well at the time his body weaving with bamboo material. Before work begins, usually provided by the offerings which contains, among other red and white pulp, salad rujakan seven-way, seven kinds of flowers and so on, besides it is definitely in burn incense. Similarly ondel-ondel that is so, common also provided offerings and burned incense, accompanied by incantations addressed to the spirits who are considered wait-ondel ondel them. Prior to release from the storage, when will depart to play, senantias held offerings. Burning incense made by the leader of the group, or one of the elder. According to local terms such ceremony is called "perfume" or "ngukup".


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